AMVAC Markets New Nematicide


AMVAC Chemical Corporation now has an exclusive distribution agreement with Rotam North America to market and sell ReTurn XL insecticide/nematicide, which recently received federal registration.

With the active ingredient oxymyl, ReTurn XL provides control of nematodes, leafhoppers, potato beetles, and other sucking and chewing insects. It includes two-way foliar and soil systemic activity for above- and below-ground protection. Below ground, ReTurn XL controls Columbia root-knot, lesion and stubby root nematode. Above ground, it provides secondary insect control and is compatible with potato psyllid control programs. It also suppresses purple top and zebra chip diseases and does not cause secondary pest flares. According to AMVAC, potato growers can further extend the crop protection benefits of seed treatments and in-furrow applications by applying ReTurn XL.