New Potato Recipe Book Promises Mouth-Watering Recipes


A new book by author Carron Strock is available now for potato lovers.

Potatoes With Appeal: 105 Mouth-Watering Recipes is a 134 page cookbook filled with wonderful recipes for soups, salads, main dishes, casseroles, side dishes, and desserts. In addition, it includes a bit on the history of the potato. It also contains advice on selecting and storing potatoes, and step-by-step techniques for baking, broiling, frying, mashing, hashing, dicing, ricing, and steaming them.

Strock told us, “My passion for potatoes began quite innocently. While driving down a country road, I passed a farm stand with a sign that said, ’50 pound of potatoes, only three dollars.’ Not able to resist a bargain, I stopped. The farmer said ‘I’m closing the stand. Buy that bag and I’ll throw in the other two I have left.’ I came home with 150 pounds of potatoes! Word spread and recipes flew my way.”

The book is a 5 x 8″ inch paperback and is available on Amazon or any other .com book store for $7.99. The ISBN is 978-1-5154-1031-7