Lso-positive psyllids in Jerome and Twin Falls counties

Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network

The Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network is reporting that three psyllid collected last week tested positive for Lso (liberibacter), the bacterium that causes zebra chip. Two of these psyllids were found in Jerome County, the other was found in Twin Falls County.

Psyllids were collected this week on sticky traps in potato in the following counties: Canyon (1 field) Elmore (1 field), Gooding (2 fields), Jerome (3 fields), Twin Falls (6 fields), Minidoka (2 fields), Cassia (4 fields), Bingham (1 field), and Power (7 fields).

This week, they collected 58 psyllids from sticky cards (31 from Light sites and 27 from Intense sites).

Traps are deployed in 93 of the 96 fields that are being monitored this year and psyllids were found in 27 of these 93 fields (29%).

Overall psyllid numbers have been increasing during the past few weeks, which is not surprising given that psyllids tend to become more abundant later during the season. It is a little unusual that more psyllids are being found in the Magic Valley than the Treasure Valley, which is opposite of the pattern  observed over the last four years.

Given the slight uptick in psyllid numbers and Lso incidence, growers and crop consultants are urged to have an IPM program in place.

Source: University of Idaho