CVS Rolls out Electric Utility Truck



Central Valley Supply (CVS) has introduced a 100 percent electric utility truck. The Yosemite by airEoso Motor Corporation is billed as durable and rugged and built to offer strength, reliability and cost savings. It runs on standard car batteries, plugs into a 110-volt outlet, and requires no fuel and minimal maintenance. Operating costs are 75 percent less than that of a typical gas-powered utility truck, according to CVS.

One-ton and half-ton models with purpose-based customizable beds, 1,500-pound towing capacity and optional four-wheel drive are available. The roll-resistant suspension and disc brakes are said to provide nimble and sure-footed handling on the road and in the field. Yosemite’s high-torque electric motor provides a minimum 80-mile or eight-hour battery life.

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