IHT Receives Funding for R&D


IHT Healthy Air, an Idaho-based company since 2012, has completed a round of capital investment with the Boise Angel Alliance and other Idaho investors that will help fund research and development as well as new outreach efforts.

The company, which has placed its Humigator product nationally and internationally, was also awarded an Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission grant for further research and development in partnership with Idaho State University’s microbiology department to test and advance its Humigation technology.

The newly redesigned Humigators clean and humidify storage air 60 percent faster. The range of new models is optimized for storages from 30,000 CWT to 100,000 CWT and larger.

Humigation significantly reduces the airborne spread of silver scurf and other diseases and humidifies up to 100 percent RH while using less water. With a 60 percent increase in airflow and air scrubbing efficiency, these new Humigators clean and humidify storage air faster than ever. With a smaller footprint, improved reliability and direct power connection, they are also easier to install and to operate.